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The Issues


The lack of quality healthcare choices at affordable prices is tearing away at the health and safety of American families, and I’ve seen this firsthand with many of my loved ones. We need to reform our current system to ensure that all citizens can be covered with the comprehensive plan that works for them. There are multiple paths to achieve this, but whatever we choose, it must keep and strengthen the protections for those with pre-existing conditions and it must be affordable for everyone. I will work tirelessly on these reforms to build the bridge to the future where universal coverage is the standard for care.

While we build to this future, we must not forget the struggles of those in rural communities, who may have to drive great distances to receive care. Also, we have to address the hidden suffering of individuals who need mental health services. It is crucial that we provide a safe environment for those citizens to seek the help that they need, and not feel confined to the shadows.

Gun Violence

The consequences of gun violence are shown to us day after day at an alarming rate. In 2017 nearly 40,000 people died from gun violence, more people than died in car accidents. Women in America are 21 times more likely to die from gun violence than in other comparable developed nations, and firearms are the second-leading cause of death amongst U.S. children (NEJM 2018). There are several concrete steps that Congress can take now that would keep guns out of the hands of legally restricted purchasers and remove guns from people showing threatening behavior. These actions are supported by majorities of Americans, regardless of political party, but are blocked by special interest groups. They include Universal Background Checks, which would require private gun sellers to use the same background check system currently used by licensed gun dealers, and expansion and implementation of Red Flag Laws that allow family members or law enforcement to petition a judge to temporarily remove guns from a person who is seen to be a risk to themselves or others. Currently only 17 states have some form of risk-based gun removal laws and strong majorities of Americans from across the political spectrum support these laws.

I have been in the classroom with children during school lockdown drills. I have comforted sobbing second graders clasping chapter books or pencils to be thrown as weapons to distract would be killers that prey on our innocents. We owe these children, I owe my children, action to help deter any harm. We can #DoSomething!

Women’s Right to Choose

Women’s health choices, and especially their reproductive choices, are some of the most personal and intimate decisions a person can make. Congress needs to empower women to make their own choices when it comes to what is right for them, in consultation with medical professionals. Additional resources must be allocated at the local level to ensure that comprehensive, age-appropriate sexual education is available to all. Further, it is long overdue to fix that birth control cannot be purchased as an over-the-counter medication. I will fight to make quality birth control options available for all who want it.

Student Loan Reform

The costs of higher education have been rising at a far higher rate than homes, utilities and even healthcare. This has put young people and their families in the position on taking on increasingly large amounts of debt to finance their dreams and ambitions.

Students must be allowed to refinance their existing loans to receive the same low interest rates that the biggest banks do when borrowing money. Corporations that benefit from an educated workforce should chip in more to both college and vocational education.

The existing public service loan repayment program must be streamlined so that graduates who choose a career in public service, including teachers, have the confidence that their debts will be forgiven after they complete the 10 years of work. It is shameful that currently under one percent of applicants in this program are ultimately granted relief. I also believe that we need to reform and expand existing government programs that will increase the amount of students graduating with degrees in mental healthcare and many other medical fields by offering some level of student loan forgiveness to help alleviate the giant student loan cost of obtaining these crucial to our communities skills and services.


Preserving our lands, air, and waterways is a key policy priority for me. In addition to ensuring our air and water is clean and safe, we can improve our economy with the right legislation. By utilizing the latest technology in energy production, we can make Ohio’s second district a hub for energy innovation. We can achieve this by shifting existing tax breaks away from the largest polluters and direct those funds into new innovative technologies. By doing this we can both lower the cost of power and spread well-paying jobs of the future throughout the second district.

Opioid Crisis

Southern Ohio has been ground zero for the opioid epidemic. As an educator I have seen firsthand the devastating effects that addiction has on individuals, families, and the broader community. I will fiercely advocate for increased funding for both prevention and rehabilitation measures, and I will hold accountable the prescription drug companies that have profited from this crisis.

Job Development

My career trajectory has crossed many fields. These have included teaching, being a successful entrepreneur, and being a stay at home mom. Something has remained true throughout my life and that is that I believe in the importance of dignity of work. This means valuing our existing workers and helping those who struggle to find jobs.

The government can help develop jobs by encouraging entrepreneurship by adjusting zoning codes (working with the local communities), helping to facilitate walkable business districts, simplifying local regulations for start-ups, and by offering resources to help businesses grow. Opening a business can be overwhelming with all of the codes and regulations to understand. We can make local laws easier to understand supporting a diverse crowd of small businesses and innovation.   Local economies have a lot to gain through job creation and income generation by empowering small businesses to succeed.

For far too long blue-collar work has been stigmatized and underpaid. We need to invest in job training programs to increase our workers’ skills and abilities. We also need to support workers’ ability to organize and bargain collectively in a global economy. I know that when Ohio’s workers are given a fair shot, we will always prove our worth. I look forward to traveling throughout our district to learn more from the people and to partner with them to help our communities succeed.